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maiphdkhanhHi. I'm Khanh. I'm studying hard to live fab!!! I wanna fly high and far. Anyway, living in Vietnam is the best.

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Recently, I have been very interested in makeup. I don’t usually make up, but since a lot of my friends know makeup tips a lot, I decide to learn about it. Then, finding Born Pretty Store is one of the best things I’ve found out.

I received a box of 30 Color Lip Gloss Gel from Born Pretty Store. When I opened the box, I was surprised how pretty it is. All the colors are incredibly amazing. Also, the mirror is very clear. The box is covered in soft parchment paper and very light, I can keep this lovely box in my bags wherever I go.

The box contains pink tone, red tone, and other colors lipstick like grey and white. 30 color lipsticks are in perfect conditions. I can now easily find lipstick that matches well iwith my outfit thanks to the wide range of colors. 30 colors in just one box, isn’t it so cool? Plus that the lipstick has lip gloss, so you literally don’t need to put lip gloss anymore.

Born Pretty Store is so amazing. They have various products, from Nail Art, Hair products to Cosmetics. I’m sure you will fall in love with their products offered free shipping service. 

You can use the code “RSL91" to enjoy discount 10% on any order. Save money while getting beautiful cosmetics, isn’t it awesome.

                                 Born Pretty

Check out Born Pretty Store now!

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