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maiphdkhanhHi. I'm Khanh. I'm studying hard to live fab!!! I wanna fly high and far. Anyway, living in Vietnam is the best.

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You don’t need to follow me for a long time to realize that I love pink. red and pastel colors. However, in the last order from my favorite shop Mart of China, I decided to make some changes. A little spike is pretty good to give it a shot.

This short dress features rivets studded. I wasn’t pretty sure if the dress is suitable to wear in spring/summer because its fabric is wool, but right the time I opened the parcel and touched this lovely dress, no more worries. The wool fabric is very thin. I have no problems with wearing it in 30 Celsius degree outside when taking photos. Big bonus is that every golden piece of metal rivet is tailored firmly to the dress which looks absolutely more outstanding on the deep blue background.

The most fantastic item in my latest order must be these brown ankle boots. Made of suede, the boots look incredibly chic. I’m not into stiletto shoes, that’s why these ankle boots with thick heels which are easy to walk in wins my heart instantly.

Still in need of remaining my girly look, I love to wear the angel’s wing bracelet. Mart of China never disappoints me with their products, even a small item. The black wing bracelet sparkles every now and again with the alloy detailings. It’s just so cute.

Last but not least, the big leather bag. This bag has 3 choices of color: brown, black and white. It looks beautiful in all 3 colors, but I at last chose the brown one.   I love that the bag still smells the new leather, every zipper and strap is on the new and high quality condition. The bag is kind of big, which is good for those girls having habits to bring a lot of stuff along. I can’t wait to wear this bag to school for my next semester.

I actually love Mart Of China - a well-known fashion shopping online store. It’s not only because of the high quality of products, but also the wonderful service. I highly recommend Mart of China for anyone who is seeking for a trust worthy online store.

Dress + bag + bracelet + shoes: Mart Of China

Leggings: Romwe


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